G33K-TRICKS: RTSP Test video/audio links and urls
RTSP Test video/audio links and urls

Free List of Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Streaming Test URLs for testing

Test your App with these Streaming URLs

RTSP URLs for testing
RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol protocol client-server multimedia presentation control protocol, designed to address the needs for efficient delivery of streamed multimedia over IP networks. The underlying protocol used for RTSP is RTP protocol. I've listed down many Stream URLs in this one page for your easy reference. 

What exactly is RTSP?

RTSP was developed from guys from RealNetworks, Netscape and Columbia University around 1996. You might have not heard of these companies. They are sort of not exist now for general public. It a protocol that is used for transferring real-time multimedia data (e.g audio/video) between client and a server. Usually a Client requests and server responds to the request with the data over this protocol. As it is a streaming protocol, with real time capability which means that the data is being simultaneously transferred and rendered in realtime. Here the multimedia data is encapsulated under Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) packets. So its not RTSP who does the work, its the RTP. Most of the RTSP servers use RTP in addition to something called RTCP ( Real-time Control Protocol ) for sending the media data. In short, we can say that the actual multimedia content data is not really sent over the RTSP connection(s) ( if needed it can be interleaved) .  Thus, RTSP is analogous to the remote control of the streaming protocols. 

Why RTSP is used and What RTSP is used for:

Each time you watch a live transfer or video on request, real time conventions are utilized to convey information over the web. These can be in the application, introduction, and meeting layers. Likewise RTMP, RTSP/RTP depicts a stateful convention utilized for video commitment rather than multi-device conveyance. While RTMP is an introduction layer convention that lets end clients order media servers by means of play-pause capablities, RTP is a vehicle convention used to move said information. It's upheld by UDP at this equivalent layer.
RTSP Steams are very much important when you are working on some applications and situations or just to isolate a video feed to add to a NVR for basic recording functionality. They can be played in network video players like Video LAN Codec player i.e VLC player.
So among every other uses the top 3 prominent use case for RTSP are in RTSP IP Cameras which are used in Internet video streaming and also for Online education like online classes where teachers can interact with students face to face , IoT devices (e.g Drones) and Mobile SDKs.

Below is the Comprehensive List for Testing Audio Video (AV) streaming and RTSP Sample URLs:
These Free RTSP Feeds for Testing can be used in different places. You can download the Links too.

Click to Download mp4 and 3gp videos by different Resolutions and Sizes

4K Video Sample Downloads for Free - https://4ksamples.com/

VLC test videos- 



AMR-NB Test Audio Streaming:











Other Useful Test Links for different Audio/Video Codecs:

Test Links at one place

H.264 and H.265/HEVC encoded .mkv video clips for testing the network streaming and playback performance of your app/ 

For igh fps videos like, 30fps videos and 60 fps videos
and HD Videos

HTTP and RTSP Video Test Links from PCSLabs ( site is down)

720p H.264 - 800kbps mp4 -

3D Video Links (Thanks to uploader)
Live Camera Project: http://insecam.org/
This website is directory with hundereds of free surveilance webcams across globe.

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And best of my list of HLS test link HLS sample test links

Fair use is claimed on all non-copyleft clips, as their the purpose is only for testing, technical evaluation, and documentation. None of Content belongs to me. These are just links.

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Currently, the RTSP Streams available are -

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