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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Complete Guide to Install, Setup and Remove Test DPC

how to uninstall test DPC

What is Test DPC

TestDPC / Test DPC is a app that is used for testing Device Policy Controller for Android Devices. This app was released by Google first in 2015. This app is smart enough to fool your Android device thinking that it is being used under a corporate context. If you are a Android App developer and want to test a specific behavior of your app under the conditions when the device would be enrolled to Work Managed or Work Profile Mode by an EMM like WorkspaceOne Intelligent Hub.
Once you set the device to Device Owner or Work Managed / Work Profile mode using the TestDPC app, you can verify the remote app performance.
If you want to understand more on Work Managed and Work Profile, you can refer this article: Difference-between-Work-Profile-and-Work-Managed-Profile.html

This app can be downloaded from the below official links and there are other links from where you can download it too.

Test DPC Git Hub Download Link: https://github.com/googlesamples/android-testdpc
The Source code is available for Free for this app in GitHub, so you can play around with it.

What Test DPC does?

Android Device comes with Device Policy Controller (DPC) which controls most of the device Settings. These settings can be contolled manually, that you do from Settings but these can be also can be controlled by Enterprise Mobility Management) ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 
Users can manage security polices , can set applications restrictions and much more things using this app. It also has as a implementation reference for other DPCs.
For using Test DPC app, device Rooting is not required.

List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app

Below are the images from the Test DPC app 7.0 and the complete list of Policy Management APIs availabe within the app. Few of the setting in the main menu would contain subsettings which are not included in the list of screenshots.
To name few, 
Suspend apps, Unsuspend apps, clear app data, Managed configuration, Disable metered data , app feedback notification, App restrictions manager,  Delegated cert installer, generic delegation, lock task mode,Manage app permissions,Wipe etc
List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                   List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app

List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                 List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app               List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app

List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                 List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app              
List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                 List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app          
List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app                 List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app               List of APIs Methods available in Test DPC app

Installing test DPC

For setting the device to Device Owner , you can use below command without factory Resetting the device. The Current/latest version available is for test DPC app is 7.0.

Installing from Google Play Store

- To install, you must connect your Gmail account to your Android device.
- To download from Play Store
- Click ‘Accept’ for permissions and let it download
- Once Test DPC is installed from Play Store. 
- Follow the steps below given in the  Test DPC Initial Setup section

Installing from APK
- After downloading, go to Device Settings and then Security.
- Search for ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ and enable the option.
- Install any APK using below steps

- Install the DPC apk from adb
adb install <TestDPC.apk>

- And run below command to set the dpc app as Device Admin.
adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.afwsamples.testdpc/.DeviceAdminReceiver

Test DPC Initial Setup:
Below screenshot would explain you the initial setup.
Launch the Test DPC app after installing and folow the instructions given below.

Installing and settting Test DPC app             Installing and settting Test DPC app            Installing and settting Test DPC appInstalling and settting Test DPC app            Test DPC in Personal container              Test DPC in Work Profile

Test DPC is one of the best Device Policy controller for Android devices and it is compatible with devices running on Lollipop (Android 5.0) and higher. 

Uninstalling Test DPC

 As you must have understood, this app is very useful but I would suggest you to uninstall it once you are done with your work. Keeping it on your device and playing around it might cause you trouble.

                                                             Test DPC Wipe option
- Launch the Test DPC application 
- Search for "Wipe" option 
- Click "Ok" on the prompt
- Remove the test DPC Apk from Device Apps list.  Go to Device Settings > Apps > search app and click Uninstall

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

RTSP Streaming URLs Sample List

Below is the Comprehensive List for Testing Audio Video (AV) streaming and RTSP Sample URLs:

RTSP URLs for testing

Test videos for VLC - 

AMR-NB Test Audio Streaming:

AMR-WB Test Audio Streaming:

AAC Test Audio Streaming:

EAAC Test Audio Streaming:

MP3 Test Audio Streaming:

M4A Test Audio Codec Streaming:

MP4 Test Audio Codec Streaming:

RTSP Test Links with IP:

H.264 Test Video codec Streaming:

MPEG4 Test Video Codec Streaming:

H.263 Test video codec:

Other Useful Test Links for different Audio/Video Codecs:

H.264 and H.265/HEVC encoded .mkv video clips for testing the network streaming and playback performance of HTPCs and media streamers


3D Video Links (Thanks to uploader)

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And best of my list of HLS test link HLS sample test links
Check out the Audio Test links  and Free Sample MP3 Files for testing

free rtsp streaming url
rtsp stream url
rtsp url sample
rtsp url sample list
rtsp steaming url
test rtsp url
free test rtp url
Rtsp test urls
Rtsp test links H264 Test Links
test streaming url
rtsp url sample link
rtsp urls
List of rtsp url
List of rtsp sample urls free rtsp urls videos

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