Sunday, July 17, 2022

Small Size Test Apks

List of Smallest Apks for Test
Often we require some test apps to install on device just to see if installation is working fine.

You can run adb command  - adb install <apk> to install apps from command line if you have Android SDK installed. You can download them directly from the links here or you can search and get them from Google play store and install them from the mobile's File Manager.

Here is the list of Small Size Test Apks

1. Chhotu- The Smallest APK

Playstore link:


Size of app: 2.4k

2. Smallest App - 4G Switch and Network Info

2nd on the list is Info app with size slightly more than above . It's just 2.8KB and displays information like SIM cards, IMEI number, phone number, current network etc.

Playstore link:

3. I'm small app

Playstore link:


Size: 3.38 KB

4. Smallest app

Playstore link:


Size: 3k