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Friday, August 16, 2019

Windows Snipping shortcut in Mac

Windows has great deal of features which Mac does not having matching with. Like the MS Paint that is on Microsoft Windows but the equivalent for Apples Mac which is "Preview.app" is not so great.
Microsoft Windows10 has introduced the versatile Snipping tool that can quick take a screenshot or part of the screenshot which can be saved or directly copy pasted in MS Paint or Word etc.
The easy shortcut that can be used to do that is Windows key + Shift + S
But when it comes to Mac as a new user I found it after lot of search.
There are three ways to take screenshot on Apple's Mac machines

1. Command + Shift + 4 then Space Bar 
This takes the complete screenshot of a screen. Once you hit the Space bar , the Mouse Icon would change to Camera Icon

2. Command + Shift + 4
This would allow you to select portion of the screen take as a snapshot. Usually, these screenshots get saved to the Desktop

3. Adding Control Key i.e Command + Control + Shift + 4 
This would allow you to create the snapshot and keep it in the Clipboard
From Clipboard , you just can paste it anywhere you want. That means, you dont need to save the file on Desktop to use it.

And then there is Screenshot.app which is built-in in MAC machines. The above shortcuts uses the same app.

With all new upgrade from Apple, macOS Mojave has one more snipping shortcut.
It is Shift + Command + 5 , this would launch the screenshot.app itself where you can do more than just taking the screenshots. The tool includes, Recording the entire screen or just a portion of the screen 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How to Login VMware Airwatch Console from your Mobile

Simple way to access Vmware Airwatch Workspace One UEM Console from your Mobile web browser.
As an Admin sometimes you would be looking for a way to access your Airwatch workspaceone UEM console from mobile but when you enter the console address in mobile web-browser like Chrome, Firefox , the console redirects the page and takes you to the (https://<YourConsoleAddress>/DeviceManagement/Enrollment/ ). The screen would look like the one shown below

Note that, this is not strage behaviour . As a MDM , Vmware Airwatch must be having a way to enroll the device via web-browser. So this redirection to enrollment page is obvious. Once you enter appropriate Group ID i.e Organisation Group ID , the next page would be to download , Install and Run Workspace One Intelligent Hub from Google Play Store.
But this is what we dont want.
To get an access to the console login page,
you need to append /Airwatch to the console address.

So the address would be  https://<YourConsoleAddress>/Airwatch
This would take you to the admin login page.
Please note that Loging in from mobile web-brower might not render the pages correctly and you might see some glithes. My recommendation would be to Login the page from Desktop Browsers only .This trick is just for educational purpose, do not misuse.

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