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Sunday, May 6, 2018

[Solved] Xiaomi Redmi Phone Rebooting from Fastboot Mode Or Rebooting from Recovery Mode

Xiaomi Redmi Phones Rebooting from Fastboot Mode or Rebooting from Recovery Mode

If you found this page while looking for a solution to a problem of your Phone getting switched off automatically while in Fastboot mode or While in Recovery Mode. You are absolutly at the right place.
Here is a basic and important info how to resolve this issue.

Fastboot mode on Xiaomi phones look like:
Xiaomi Redmi Fastboot Mode

You can switch to Fastboot mode by Pressing Power Key and Volume Down Key

Fastboot mode is used for flashing the ROM images completely. The flashing procedure use fastboot tool from Android to Flash. It can wipe off all the memory partition, when done a complete flash.

Recovery Mode on Xiaomi phones :

You can switch to Recovery Mode by pressing Power Key and Volume Up key and leave the Power Key when you seen the MIUI logo on the screen.

Recovery Mode is used for Zip files from OEMs or Update the OS version or firmware version. You can also use for deleting Userdata or do a factory Reset of your phone.

Recovery does not use command line tool instead it itself can flash the files which can be kept in the phone memory (if phones memory has partition available) or file can be kept in external SD card.

So coming back to our original problem. If device is keep on rebooting automatically if you are in recovery mode or fastboot mode. Major of the issues that occur is due to Power key. We tend to use Power key more often then any other keys on your phone. There press button keys have limited life shelves like any other electronic devices. After certain peroid of time they stop working as they are intended to do so. So if your device is continoulsy rebooting , say after around 10 to 14 seconds when in  fastboot mode that means the power key on device is in pressed state thus sending a Reboot signal to the device. Same happens when your device is in Recovery Mode. Your phone reboots and you continue to worry is the problem with OS.
While you struggle to find out what and where exactly the problem is, your battery might get drained out and then you are out of options now.With drained battery , you can neither check further nor you can reflash new OS. I've been into this situation. My phones battery was dead. And if I connect the phone to PC or Charger , it would charge as before the charging even initiates, the phone reboots again. That is more of a frustation over an ongoing frustation. Either you need to have another phone which can charge your phones battery or some external universal charger that can charge the battery.
After digging a lot, I found a way to charge the battery atleast. So that I can confirm that, problem is because of Power Button and not because of corrupted OS.
While trying to do all this , I tried flashing a complete OS image using the Xiaomi flash and that deleted everything from my phone including OS, so phone was just rebooting in fastboot mode.

To start with,
(I am assuming you have fastboot.exe on your system)
You need to goto device fastboot (as given in this screenshot )
And quickly need to flash the TWRP Recovery Image.
In my case- I renamed the file to recoveryb.img
The command to flash is:

fastboot flash recovery <path to recoveryb.img/recoveryb.img

The file size is around 14MB so it would be flashed quickly before your phone switches off or reboot.
Even if your battery is dead you can flash via fastboot.
You can search for Fastboot flash recovery image on XDA forum. (Do drop a comment if you are not able to fine the fastboot.zip file, I can share with you)

Alternatly , you can double click and run the flash_recovery.bat file to flash the TWRP recovery image when phone is in Fastboot mode.
Once flashing is done,  you will start seeing the MIUI logo.
Now, Connect your phone to a charger and you can remove the battery and connect it back while holding Power key and volume up key.
This will take you to TWRP recovery screen (as device was flashed with TWRP recovery image)
Quickly at bottom of the screen press up or down to move to some other page in recovery screen.
It seems, for me Power button had no impact on Recovery screen and I was able to charge the phone to 100% in recovery mode.
You would notice that phone is charging at the top right , where battery percentage is appened with "+" symbol

Let the phone charge.
you can download the complete OS for your phone from MIUI.com
and keep it in SDCARD

Once phone is completely charged or charge is greater than 80%. Keep the sdcard inside the phone.
Press the Power key and volume up key to go to TWRP recovery screen.
Click on Install button
Select the SDCARD path where OS zip image is kept.(remember flashing an complete image will make you loose your all data)

And select Yes to start the phone flashing.
Once flash is done.
Now your phone has an proper OS image which is supposed to boot properly.

But if phone continues to boot again and again from MIUI logo screen.
That confirms something is wrong with the power button of the device.

Go to nearest mobile repair shop and get the power button replaced.
He might argue that the issue is with OS or flashing but as you have done your homework, ask him to replace the button blindly.
You will have your phone working afterwards for sure.

(Please note, I will not be responsible for any damage to your data while following the instructions on this website)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to make mobile a webcamera

How to make your mobile a webcameraNot everyone has a laptop and not everyone has a Desktop PC with a Webcam. Now a days, not having a camera/webcamera is a big deal. Attending Skype Calls, Facebook Live streams and many other applications and website demands you to have a webcam.
When I say a webcam , its just a camera which can stream you over internet, hence the name 'web camera' aka webcam.

So, here I am going to tell you about a simple application that I have tried and tested to make your mobile phone as webcam and save money.
As I am talking about Skype video call, I think I should call this post of mine as "How to use Mobile phone as a webcam for Skype "

This one is simple and elegant application which you can install on your android phone from the Play Store.
IP Webcam turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing options. View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser. Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access.

Features include:
• Video upload to Dropbox, SFTP, FTP and Email using Filoader plugin
• Several web renderers to choose from: Flash, Javascript or built-in
• Video recording in WebM, MOV, MKV or MPEG4 (on Android 4.1+)
• Audio streaming in wav, opus and AAC (AAC requires Android 4.1+)
• Motion detection with sound trigger, Tasker integration.
• Date, time and battery level video overlay.
• Sensor data acquisition with online web graphing.
• Videochat support (video stream only for Windows and Linux via an universal MJPEG video streaming driver)
• Cloud push notifications on motion and sound, cloud recording for motion-triggered records, online video broadcasting powered by Ivideon.
• Extensive baby and pet monitor features: night vision, motion detection, sound detection.

Here is the link for IP WEBCAM. Install the app on your smartphone and Launch it.
There are plenty of things which are there in the mobile app, which you dont need to worry about.

Next Step is to Download the configuration software.Download from https://ip-webcam.appspot.com/
After installing the PC app and launching it, below screen will be shown
Click on Auto Detect.
Settings window

If everything works fine, the camera will be available in Windows software. If something is wrong, please check your firewall rules and your network by visiting your network camera in a web browser.

For example, in skypeTry restarting your PC if it does not work.
After restart, launch any application
say Skype and you can then configure your skype with the IP Cam.
In Skype, Go to Tools - Options - Video Settings .
Here You need to choose, MJPEG Camera
And Baam!!! all done.

You can see your pretty cat over your PC by using your phone.

In the similar way, you can config any Streaming application . You just need to use MJPEG camera as a webcam source.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Make your Li-ion Battery live longer

Here is one more post which will remind you, Not to let the mobile phone battery discharge completely.
In fact, this habit of fully charging mobile batteries was considered pretty good with the older Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. This is because of something called the Memory effect, which essentially causes them to lose their maximum energy capacity if they are repeatedly being charged after only partial discharges.

But now every phone is coming with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries which no longer has such issue.

So, there is no point in charging and discharging them completely every single time and if you do this may account in reduction of the battery’s efficiency.

So below are some efficient practices for charging of Li-ion batteries :

  • The 40–80% rule: Try maintaining the charge range in between 40%-80% in order to prolong the battery life to maximum.
  • Even if you do charge it to 100%, never leave it plugged in i.e do not overcharge your battery
  • Try keeping the phones in cool environment, as heat drastically degrades the performance of Li-ion batteries
  • Fully discharge it once a month, as this helps in rejuvenating the battery’s accuracy of estimating the remaining time for complete discharge.
Above points hold good for your Laptop or any other device if its using Lithium-ion batteries

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