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Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Streaming Test video / audio links

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The RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocolprotocol is a client-server multimedia presentation control protocol, designed to address the needs for efficient delivery of streamed multimedia over IP networks. The underline protocol used for RTSP is RTP protocol.

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Below is the List for Testing Audio Video (AV) streaming :

(Links are Working  fine . Verified on  12-March-2018)

Click to Download mp4 and 3gp videos by different Resolutions and Sizes

4K Video Sample Downloads for Free - http://4ksamples.com/puppies-bath-in-4k/
Other sample 4k Test videos - http://4ksamples.com/category/4k/

VLC test videos- http://streams.videolan.org/samples/



Example of Video embedded within Webpage

AMR-NB Test Audio Streaming:

AMR-WB Test Audio Streaming:

AAC Test Audio Streaming:

EAAC Test Audio Streaming:

MP3 Test Audio Streaming:

M4A Test Audio Codec Streaming:

MP4 Test Audio Codec Streaming:

RTSP Test Links with IP:

H.264 Test Video codec Streaming:

MPEG4 Test Video Codec Streaming:

H.263 Test video codec:

Other Useful Test Links for different Audio/Video Codecs:

For high fps videos like, 30fps videos and 60 fps videos
and HD Videos ( high definition ) test videos like 720p videos and 1080p videos: 

HTTP and RTSP Video Test Links from PCSLabs
720p H.264 - 800kbps mp4 -http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7h800.mp4

 720p MPEG4 - 800kbps mp4 - http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7m800.mp4

 720p H.264 - 1mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7h1000.mp4

 720p MPEG4 - 1mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7m1000.mp4

 720p H.264 - 1.5mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7h1500.mp4

 720p MPEG4 - 1.5mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7m1500.mp4

 720p H.264 - 2mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7h2000.mp4

 720p MPEG4 - 2mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/7m2000.mp4

 720p MPEG4 - 1Mbps mp4 -  http://mm2.pcslab.com/mm/PrinceofPersia.mp4

3D Video Links (Thanks to uploader)
MVC 3D ISO Sample #1 (1080p/23.976)
MVC 3D ISO Sample #2 with 3D Subtitles (1080p/23.976)
MVC 3D ISO Sample #3 for Pop-out & Depth Evaluation (1080p/23.976)
MVC 3D ISO Sample #4 for Proper Lip-synch & Clean Graphics Render Verification (1080p/23.976)
MVC 3D MKV (1080p/23.976)
HSBS (side-by-side) (MKV @ 1080p/23.976)
HTAB/HOU (top-and-bottom) (MKV @ 1080p/23.976)

Other Direct streaming links

Test Links at one place

H.264 and H.265/HEVC encoded .mkv video clips for testing the network streaming and playback performance of HTPCs and media streamers


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 Fair use is claimed on all non-copyleft clips, as their the purpose is only for testing, technical evaluation, and documentation. None of Content belongs to me. These are just links.


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http://archive.org/details/BUILDINGH263.3gp dont work

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How to download these videos??

ABHIJEET P said...

You have to "Right-Click" on the link and select "save target as" to download any content.

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