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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Avenger Inifinity Wars Ending as per the Comics

Avenger Inifinity Wars Ending as per Comics

So, like everyone else, I was also wondering what would that ending means. Please note this is Spoiler Alert! if you are reading further and you have not watched the Avengers: Inifinity Wars movie yet.

We dont know what would be the strory of  upcoming film Avengers four. But we tend to do shrewdness Marvel handled a similar events once they occurred in comics. Unlike a number of its predecessors like Avengers: Age of Ultron, This movie Avengers: Inifity Wars borrows heavily from the plot of sure Marvel comics and  not just simply settings.

So, what did and how did things happened with Thanos.
 Here’s however the story bound up on the page.

Once More, Spoiler Alert!!!!

Infinity War some of its story from a comic Inifinity and rest of the story from Infinity Gauntlet, the initial story of Thanos, the time Gems and also the huge gold glove. Infinity Gauntlet was a 6 book comic book . This comics had a story about Gems or Inifity Stones connected with Thanos and also the Gauntlet.

So, what happend at the end.


After look time War, you may simply assume that the majority of time Gauntlet is additionally involved with Thanos making an attempt to amass the time Gems and also the Avengers making an attempt to prevent him. however the primary huge distinction between infinityWar and infinityGauntlet is that the complete finding the infinity Gems thingy is  half  done even before the story starts. In Inifinity Gauntlet story starts off exceedingly in a very spectacular way: Thanos already features a gauntlet in hand with all the GEMS and is considering his new freedom as an powerful guy like a GOD.
And at the CLIMAX, Thanos does the surprising thing: He snaps his fingers and murders the half of the universe. Yes, that what you also see in the movie. Major of the superheros (except the Avengers) dies . The literal disappearance of their darling ones is that the 1st sign most of the Avengers get that something is wrong in the least.

If you are with me, lets continue!
So, what happens next???
Well, the opposite massive distinction between time War and time Gauntlet is that Thanos’ motivations ar entirely totally different. within the comics, as you will have understood. Thanos is totally passionate about winning the center of Mistress Death. Yes, that supersing. Death is the one Thanos is behind. Kind of one sided love. She is the reason he starts collecting the Stones/ Gems. She had asked to kill half of the overpopulating Universe. In a way to impress Death he does some wild things like capturing Nebula and not letting her die. He turns Wolverine's bones to Rubber, changing Thor to glass and shattering the glass so that Death would get impressed by him.
After all his wrong doings,  the more powerful characters (yes, there are more powerful characters than Thanos in the comic world) start seeing him as a potential threat. These characters are Kronos, Epoch, Galactus etc. They had a fight and somehow he wins against all of them.
During the course of time, he decides to transform himself into an astral entity and leave his corporeal form behind, which he believes will rid himself of his final vulnerability.

Unfortunately, he forgets that his godly powers ar predicated on one thing terribly corporeal: His hand being within the time Gauntlet. Nebula, United Nations agency has been mute and apparently insensible to her surroundings when Thanos place her into a continuous state of wretchedness, seizes her probability
She yanks the gauntlet from Thanos’ abandoned body and shoves it onto her own hand, and currently she’s the God within the universe. She reforms her body into health, banishes Thanos into the depths of area and sets regarding combating her new infinite awareness of area and time.
A fight happens between Nebula and Thanos where she ask him to leave the universe as it was 24 hours before and he does that. And here we are, all of our super heroes back to life again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to Download PDF from Scribd.com for Free

How to View or Download document or PDF from Scribd.com 

Click Here!
This would be one of the most useful tricks of all that you must be in need for.

What Exactly is Scribd.
So, Scribd is a digital library, e-book and audiobook subscription service that includes one million titles. Scribd hosts 60 million documents on its open publishing platform

And download the pdf documents, you need to Register yourself.
But in-case, you found a document on Scribd which you need but not sure whether this is exactly what you want, you can see a preview. This preview page will have few pages shown from the PDF file and rest of the PDF would be blurred. And what-if you want to see those pages which are blurred.
Here is a simple solution to that problem.

Scribd unblur g33ktricks.blogspot.com
Scribd extension
From your Chrome Browser and go to :https://chrome.google.com/webstore
[ This is Chromes Store for Extensions ]

Here, search for Scribd Unblur.
Install any of these extensions by clicking
"Add to Chrome" button

Once installed, open scribd.com
Search for the Book you need and open it.

If the pages are shown blurred.  Click U button from top right of your Chrome to Unblur that document.
And its Done.
Now you can enjoy reading the book without any hassle of registering to Scribd.com.

If you find the book useful, be a nice human being,  register to Scribd.com and then view or download the book.

This if for educational purpose:
 If you need to download that info from the PDF,
Right-click the page and click on "Save-as" option
Save the Complete page as .html file on you computer.
Next time when you want to read the file offline, just double-click to open that file.
And click on Unblur button on chrome to unblur the pages.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How to solve "Move`% s` out of conditional. " error.

[SOLVED] How to deal with "Move `% s` out of conditional." error from Rubocop.


Move `% s` out of the conditional.

where %s is a Method 

As the method call pointed out at %s is redundant, Rubocop throws this as error. The method that is common under both condition should be moved outside the Conditions as it would be executed in either of case.
@bad Code
if condition

@good Code
if condition

Monday, March 20, 2017

Difference between Enterprise Wipe, Device Wipe and Enterprise Reset in MDM Applications like AirWatch

Differences between Enterprise Wipe, Device Wipe and Enterprise Reset

You might have heard these Terms while using an MDM application like VmWare AirWatch.
What does these applications do: They actually provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) service i.e they can manage millions of devices from one place. They can install Customer required applications,  files to the device without any intervention required from the device user.
So essentially when a device is enrolled to such service like VmWare AirWatch, it allows the MDM service to access limited area of a phone. [ These services usually dont have any access to the user phonebook , users messages, phonecalls or any personal information. (Moreover, that would be against the law) ] . Once enrolled, a Corporate/company/Organisation can send Enterprise related data to the devices. The data or file , applications would be Enterprise Data and does not belong to user.
And if a employee leaves the Organisation, Organisation has all the rights to delete Enterprise Data and set the device free for user if the device/phone is BYOD(Bring Your Own Device). In this case, The admin of MDM service provider would initiate Enterprise Wipe command.Thus,

Enterprise Wipe: An enterprise wipe unenrolls the device from MDM service and strips off all enterprise content, including email accounts, VPN settings, Wi-Fi profiles, secure content, and enterprise applications. In this case, Device does not reboot once Enterprise Wipe is completed. In short, it deletes or removes selective data pwned by company without deleting everything or deleting user data.

Enterprise Reset enables you to reset a device similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Applications,Profiles and files/actions which are set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically get reinstalled on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset. Device gets automatically re-enrolled as it was earlier. Its available only on Zebra and Motorola, Honeywell Rugged devices. Consumer devices like Samsung, LG does not usually support this feature.

In Short, Enterprise reset will factory reset your device but will persist the MDM enrollment.

Device Wipe 

A Device Wipe reboots the device and removes all data (
 includes all personal user information ), email, profiles and MDM capabilities and the phone returns to a factory default state. Its same as that of doing a Factory Reset to your phone from Settings > Personal > Factory Reset

Please note, device does not actually means a phone. Here a Device can be a Android Phone, iPhone, Mac systems, Windows systems, Rugged devices.

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