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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Inception with Firefox Browser

I am sure you must have seen the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan. The movie is based on a wild theory of dreaming inside a dream. Though we cannot dream with Firefox but the trick is opening a browser inside Firefox. Yes, you can open a new browser tab in the browser tab. That sounds confusing as the movie was.
Here is a screenshot to simplify your thought.

Firefox Inception

This is what you need to do

Open Firefox
Type chrome://browser/content/browser.xul  in the address bar and press Enter
Baam! Inception

P.S.: Think, how did I get the screenshot of the webpage in this webpage while creating this webpage.

[SOLVED] Desktop does not Refresh Automatically after copy pasting a file

Like everyone else I also had a problem with my Windows 7. The Desktop was not getting refreshed automatically. I copied and pasted a file to my Desktop and it was not there. I pressed Ctrl+V and Windows says do "There is already a file with same name in this location". I was surprised, if its there why can I see it.
After few searches over Google, found the answer to it.

Before we start, A word of caution. Please Create a backup of your Registry.In-case you mess-up (I am sure you wont), backup will resolve.

Here is what you need to do,

Press Windows+R and type regedit 
Right click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

Click "Find"
Type dontrefresh in the search box and hit Enter
Once search is complete, in the Right pane you will see DontRefresh
The Data value will probably be set to '1'


Right click on "dontrefresh" and modify the value to '0'
Reboot your computer.

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