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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trick to Play Pokemon GO on computer


Enable USB debugging on your smartphone .
(For that developer option should be enabled)

2nd thing you need is, adb drivers install on you pc.
Incase you dont have, google is the answer ;)

Now here the tricks starts.
You need to install Vysor on your Chrome Browser.
Download it from here 

Then install Vysor app from Google play on you phone.

Once all installations are done, you are ready to go.
Connect your smartphone to Computer to proceed for playing PokemonGO.

The moment you connect the phone, Vysor app will get installed on you phone too(in case you did not install)

The screen of your phone will appear on your computer .
You can then open the Pokémon GO app on the phone.
You will see it played in a window on your monitor.

Now you can wait for Pokemon to come to you and you can easily catch them using mouse instead of dragging your fingers on your mobile screen
And its easy for you to do multi tasking, you can use your computer and can play in between.

If your mobile screen goes off, and you have a new Pokemon near you,  the phone will vibrate and letting you know that , its time to Catch'em all.

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Record Android Screen [without using any app]

Record Actions performed on your Android phone Screen

Say, you want to record the screen of your android phone i.e you want to record what actions did you perform. Its very simple.

Pre-requiste for this trick would be:
You must have an adb tool (it comes with android SDK)
You can get the tool by going through this page.

Open command prompt
Type below command and press Enter

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/<filename>.mp4

That's all you need to do. Till this above command is running, all the actions performed over your android phone will be recorded in the path you have specified (in this case, /sdcard folder)
To stop recording stop the above command by pressing Ctrl+C.
You can play the video made with any player supporting mp4 format.

If you want to pull the file onto your system , you need to type

adb pull /sdcard/<filename>.mp4 <DestinationPathonSystem>

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Charge mobile faster with short USB cables

Recently I came across with an nice android app called "Ampere".
Yes, it provides the current flowing into your mobile i.e while charging and also the amount of current being consumed by your smartphone while discharging.
With this app running on my mobile, I ran an small experiment.

Here are my observations,

Scenario Charging or Not Min
Laptop - USB long cable Laptop charging 770mA 840mA
Laptop - USB long cable On battery 750mA 780mA
Laptop - USB Short Cable On battery 1150mA 1180mA
Laptop - USB Short Cable Laptop charging 1150mA 1180mA

The same goes when charging using the chargers.
With long USB cable the charging current was 890mA and with short USB cable it was 1460mA.
Charger rating was Input--0.6A, Output -- 6V- 2000mA
Its clearly seen,there is difference of 400mA  and that's a bummer if you use long USB cable.
It can be easily concluded from above table as well that using Short USB cable to charge will definitely decrease the  charging time i.e will charge your mobile or another device quicker.
And also, it does not  matter whether your laptop is charging or not the power being drawn from the USB port of laptop remains almost same.

You can also download the app from here Ampere Android app
and can understand how fast your mobile is charging with the cable you have or do you need to replace your usb charging cable.

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