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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Google Talk - Tricks and Shortcuts

GTalk Trick and Shortcuts

 Days of Yahoo Messenger are over. Everyone now a days use Gtalk!!
 Am I Right!!! I guess so :)

And if you dont have Google talk . Download it here

So here I am with few Gtalk Chat Shortcuts or you can say tricks

GTalk Shortcuts

Tab  -->  Switch through the currently open chat windows
Esc --> Close current chat window
Alt + Esc 
 -->  Close all chat windows
F9  -->  Open Gmail
F11  -->  Call
F12  -->  End current Call

Text Formatting

Italic Text -->  type  text between two underscores. eg. _ITALIC_ = ITALIC

Bold Text 
-->  type the text between two asterisks. eg. *BOLD!* = BOLD

Below ones are new to me as well :)

GTalk Startup Parameters

To add some extra features to GTALK, you can add some parameters when GTALK is launched.

To use the parameters, just edit the Google Talk shortcut on your desktop, and add any of the following parameters after a slash(/) 
Go through the following screenshot for "how to do"

Right Click on Google Talk Shortcut on Desktop

Click Properties

Edit the " startmenu" in the Target Field with any of the following parameters

checkupdate --> Check for updates to the current version

diag --> Run GTalk in Diagnostic Mode

nomutex --> Open more than one instance of GTalk at a time
--> Load default settings
mailto user@gmail.com 
--> Send an email using GMail

Thats it for now!!! Enjoy Chatting :) 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yahoo vs Google

Yahoo Vs Google

The question is what Yahoo can do better than Google?
There are only some things (I mean only Se7en things as far as I know) things that Yahoo can provide but Google cannot.

1. Local Search – If someone is looking for businesses around your town or city, Yahoo Local is a step ahead of Google. Yahoo Local is some sort of Yellow pages. The http://Yahoo Maps can be used for route finding .While Google can perform local searches in a variety of different ways through their standard search interface and Google Maps application, Local Search is a more polished service that puts all local search capabilities on one convenient page.

2. Local Search - Yahoo Finance contains a great wealth of original content that easily rivals some of the biggest financial sites in the game (TheStreet.com, etc.). The site is full informative and equally intuitive for the new investors as well as for the professionals. .Google Finance is not that good as compare to the Yahoo one.

3. Answers to the Questions – Local Search allows users all over the world to ask questions or answer other user’s questions. This is active and social service that Google did not provided yet. A simple concept that works well for Yahoo. Google has no such active service.

4. Website Backlink Info – Most webmasters like to know exactly how many sites are linking to their various websites. Yahoo makes this especially easy with their linkdomain search operator. It quickly provides a full list of incoming links to any given domain. For some reason Google does not publicly disclose this backlink information, but instead provides a small sample of quality incoming links to a given domain via it’s link: search operator. Google does provide Google Webmaster Tools that will give you backlink information for a specific domain once you sign up and prove to Google that you are the owner of the domain.

5. Image Hosting and Sharing - With its recent purchase of Flickr, Yahoo now rules the Web 2.0 photo sharing market. Flickr is currently the king over all the other photo sharing sites out there. Although, lets not forget that Google rules the Web 2.0 video sharing market with YouTube.

6. Entertainment Portal – From music to movies to sports, Yahoo provides a solid entertainment web portal capable of satisfying various entertainment and leisure user demographics. For better or for worst, Google isn’t trying to be an entertainment portal, so it doesn’t even come close to competing with Yahoo in this regard.

7. Privacy Policy - Yahoo is arguably better with the privacy concerns of its users. Certainly this point could be debated in favor of either company, but there seems to be more public controversy surrounding Google’s privacy policies. Like most, I suck it up and use Google’s services anyway. I do, however, have a Yahoo Mail, account that I use to communicate with other bloggers concerning blog monetization strategies that may include Google’s Adwords service. I figure, why let Google have access to that info too?

Ultimately the answer to above question is "Google can do all the tasks except the above mention 7 issues and someday down the line things gonna change and Google too can give those services" :)

Work on GOOGLE as on NAPSTER

I’m quite sure most of people know how to use Torrents and Limewire.Yeah!! they are used for downloading MP3s, Movies etc etc.
The truth is that Google can be used for searching almost all type of files over the Internet.These includes MP3s,PDFs, Videoz any many more.This functionality of GOOGLE has been available for a long time, but most users haven’t caught on to it. So here’s a quick example of how to use Google to search for Mp3s. It’s like turning Google into the Napster.

Following is a Google search string for searching, open web directories containing downloadable "XYZ" music files.Just replacae the term XYZ in the search string for any other band of your liking.
Then LeTZ Go..........

-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “XYZ”
With some very slight modifications the same search string can easily be used to search for ebooks in DOC and PDF format:
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(pdf|doc) “UR required file″
Or if you are looking for some specific video file:
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(mpg|wmv) “Name of Video”

For further help you can also visit the official Google Advanced Search Operators page .
SO EnJoY DoWnLoAdS :):):)

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