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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Find games or application for your mobiles

To find the game or app for your mobile phones like symbian or s40 or Android, you should be knowing the screen resolution of your mobile.
To get the screen resolution, you can google it like "nokia c5 screen size" or you can visit sites like, www.gsmarena.com or www.phonearena.com

Once you get the resolution , you have to google following:

index of: games .jar 640x360
index of: applications or app .jar  640x360
or  for nokia symbian phones
index of: applications .sis  640x360
or for android phones
index of: applications .apk  640x360

Google will show the list of webpages in the search result
If you are not getting the proper results, remove the resolution from the search.

Just you have to open the webpage from the search result which will be like
Index of/abcd/abcd

Opening the webpage will give screen like

Right click the file and select "Save Target As". to save the game.

Note: This was for educational purpose, downloading pirated game is illegal.
If you like it Buy it.

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